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Frequently Asked Questions
Why do you have a room rental fee?
Every establishment has a different way of dispersing costs. If you compare our foods costs plus our room rental fees to that of our competitors we are still generally much less expensive.
What are the ceremony fees?
The fee for an onsite ceremony is $400 which includes a Gazebo that coordinates with the chosen reception room or an arch inside the reception room if there is inclement weather, an hour in our bridal suite before the ceremony, a rehearsal prior to the ceremony and 12 chairs for family members. If you would like to provide chairs for all of your guests, the rental fee is $3.50 per chair. All chair rentals must be through our vendor, please note there is a no refund policy on chair rentals, even due to inclement weather.   
Who are your preferred vendors?
Please click here to view a list of vendors we recommend with links to their websites.
What are Family Style Dinners?
At an event with Family Style Dinning a server will bring the food you have selected to the tables in large bowls and platters. Just as you would at a family dinner,  you pass it around and take what you would like. The server will also replenish upon request.

Do you have your own bartending services?
Mr. Carol's is our bartending service. All the bartenders are tip certified and professional at all events.
What are options I have for an open bar?
At Alpine we are very flexible with bar options. You may choose to have a standard cash bar, a completely open bar for just during the cocktail hour or the whole evening,you may choose to put a cap on the bar,  have an open bar for just the wedding party. Our open bars are based on consumption,
How close are hotels to your venue?
There are at least 3 hotels within 10 minutes of our facility. Some do provide shuttle service. Please contact us for information. 
Are your menus flexible?
Our menus are able to be altered to fit your specific needs. We can upgrade, substitute, and customize new menus to fit all your needs. 
How do we go about obtaining a marriage license? 

You do not have to be a resident of New Hampshire to get married, but you will need to apply in either the town where one of you lives, or the town in which your ceremony will occur. There is no waiting period before a wedding ceremony can occur in NH. Valid documentation must be provided for both parties, and should be in the form of drivers licenses, social security numbers, and - if under the age of 25 - certified copies of birth certificates. Proof of nullification of previous marriages is required and should be in the form of certified divorcee decrees or death certificates. Once issued, the marriage license is good for 90 days. Common law marriages are not recognized by the state of New Hampshire, but same sex marriage became legal in the state of New Hampshire on June 3, 2009. Same sex marriage licenses will be available as of January 1, 2010. Check with your local court for further details. Any ordained or licensed clergymen, judges, or justices of the peace may perform wedding ceremonies in New Hampshire.