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  • What are the dimensions for the halls?
  • Can we just rent the halls and make our own food arrangements?
    Yes! love your food, just rent our hall.
  • Is your venue Handicap friendly?
    Yes! We cherish every person on your guest list. Our venue includes paved sidewalks, dedicated bathrooms, and designated parking spots to make it accessible for your differently abled guests.
  • How big is your parking space?
    Our parking lot accommodates 250 vehicles on site , the grounds can accommodate up to 200 cars.
  • Are all venues climate-controlled?
    Both The Main Ballroom, and The Skylight Room, are climate-controlled with internal heating and air conditioning facilities. However, our 3-season hall, The Pavillion, is only open mid-May to mid-October without any climate control facilities in place.
  • Do you have any policies against lighting flammables?
    We prioritize the safety of our customers and staff above all. Thus, flammable lighting and similar items are not allowed on the premises. Battery operated candles can be used instead.
  • Does Alpine Grove have/offer a designated space for the bride and groom to get ready?
    Yes, we have three bridal suites, each within the three function halls.
  • Is there a minimum head count for guests?
    If you’re choosing our in-house catering service, the minimum guest count is 50 people. In case you’re just renting our hall, there is no minimum guest headcount.
  • Are extensions to the wedding reception accommodated?
    Of course. If you wish to extend the length of your wedding reception, please inform us at least 30 days before the date of the event. You will also be charged an additional fee depending on the scope of your requirements.
  • How early can brides reach the venue for pre-ceremony preparations?
    The bridal suite can be accessed 2 hours before the ceremony/wedding time.
  • Does Alpine Grove provide a designated wedding coordinator as part of its event management service?
    At the moment, we do not have wedding coordination services included in our wedding package.
  • Do you accommodate wedding rehearsals?
    Yes, our wedding rehearsals are usually scheduled for Friday before your wedding. Please bear in mind, in case of an event that is already booked for Friday, your wedding rehearsal will be accommodated for Thursday instead.
  • How does Alpine Grove accommodate customers in case of unprecedented rain during the ceremony?
    At Alpine Grove, your wedding is our priority. So in the event if it rains and you have booked an outdoor space, we will try our best to accommodate the ceremony indoors. In case of a gloomy weather forecast, please let us know at least four hours before the ceremony so we can accommodate you as seamlessly as possible.
  • Do you offer an open bar?
    Yes, open bar options are available and can be customized. Please contact us for further details.
  • Will alcohol only be served to those who provide an ID?
    Absolutely. Alpine Grove exercises a strict age-appropriate policy regarding alcohol service. We will not serve any drinks containing alcohol content to those without a valid ID document (such as a driver’s license).
  • Are guests or customers allowed to bring their own liquor?
    Unfortunately No, you cannot bring your own alcohol or alcohol-containing beverages to the premises as per the NH state laws. Any type of alcohol served at the event halls will only be provided by Alpine Grove.
  • Does Alpine Grove have licensed bartenders?
    All of our private bartenders are fully vetted and licensed.
  • Can I choose from different in-house menu options?
    Yes. If you wish for us to handle catering, you’ll have a wide-range of menu options to choose from. Alpine Grove also offers full menu customization and we readily cater to your special requests. Rest assured all the food is prepared fresh and cooked by our chefs on the premises to maintain maximum freshness.
  • Do you accommodate dietary, religious, and cultural restrictions as part of your catering service?
    Yes, absolutely. You can customize all or part of the menu to be gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, and much more. Please notify us at least 3 weeks in advance so we can prepare a menu that matches you and your guest's food preferences.
  • Does Alpine Grove charge any hidden fee?
    All of our charges are upfront. We believe in full communication and open transparency with our clientele which is why you need not worry about any hidden charges. However, please note that add-on options and unprecedented damages to our property (our venue and company possessions) will incur additional fees.
  • I would like to book a venue tour. Will that be possible?
    Yes, we would love to show you around. Please call us at (603)882-9051 or email us at to book your tour.
  • Is smoking allowed at the bar?
    To protect the well-being of all persons attending and/or organizing events at Alpine Grove, smoking is only allowed in designated outdoor areas. Strictly no smoking allowed indoors.
  • Can we set up yard games?
    Yes, we do allow yard / lawn games/ inflatables on the grounds.
  • Does Alpine Grove offer on-site accommodations?
    Unfortunately, we do not provide any on-site accommodations. Below are a few hotel options close to our venue. The Holiday Inn & Suites in Nashua, NH – located 10 minutes from Alpine Grove on Northeastern Blvd. (603) 888-1551 Homewood Suites- located 15 minutes from Alpine Grove at 15 Tara Blvd, Nashua, NH 03062 (603) 546-7470

Love your food, just rent our Party Halls

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